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Residential Turf Care

Residential Turf Care

Ivy Green Lawn Care’s lawn care program is seasonally customized to achieve superior results for your lawn. Ivy Green Lawn Care has a lawn fertilizing service specifically designed for your grass type, whether you have a Bermuda, Zoysia, or Fescue lawn.

With over 25 years of agronomic experience, Ivy Green Lawn Care has perfected its fertilizing programs to produce thick, dense turf with an emphasis on preventing weeds before they can emerge. All of our programs include lime to help your lawn maintain the proper pH for optimal nutritional absorption.

Investing in the latest generation of EPA approved products and the right blends of lawn fertilizer ensure that optimal results are achieved. We back our lawn programs with free service calls should you need one. Ivy Green Lawn Care maintains one of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry. Our lawn technicians are required to pass Ivy Green Lawn Care’s certification every year to ensure they remain current on the latest environmentally friendly treatment methods to safely provide the results you expect.


How an Ivy Green Lawn Care team member can produce superior results:

    We reward technicians on quality, not quantity. Ivy Green Lawn Care technicians are never paid commission on the volume of lawns they service, unlike some competitors.
    If a technician sees that your yard needs some extra care, they will put in a service call on your behalf.
    We leave helpful notes regarding lawn-care practices such as water and mowing. Our technicians may suggest additional services such as aeration, fungicides, and insecticide applications, but only when you need them.

Ivy Green Lawn Care technicians go the extra mile to blow excess fertilizer off your walkways and driveways, and ensure all outside gates and doors are closed before they leave. We will even clear your lawn of heavy leaf cover when feasible.